About the blog

Hey! I’m Apeksha and welcome to my blog Appy’s Hub.

So I started this blog around 4 years back. It started with some random articles about things in my life but I ended up sharing lot of my favourite recipes. It became more of a food blog than what I intended it to be. I love cooking, baking and eventually hogging the food. Combined with the love for photography, I used to share some amazing food clicks on my Instagram account. Many of my friends started asking for recipes and I thought why not share with everyone and thus the blog got its origin.

After some n number of recipes, due to some reasons (let’s keep it that way), I was not able to update the blog. Let’s say more than 7-8 months. I know that’s too bad. But anyway, after a lot of notifications from the Facebook page, Google account and of course from many followers, I thought it’s high time I update the blog.

So with a new look and new agenda in mind, Appy’s Hub is back! This time around I intend to share not just recipes but tell you about different new things in my life and around me, the stories behind the photos I take, the places I travel and blah blah blah.

So I hope you enjoy the blog like you did before and suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.

Thanks for visiting !


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