Khekada Masala ! (Crab Curry)

One of the best childhood memories was waiting for Aai Girap to make khekada masala or known as crab curry. The memory of sitting on the floor cross-legged with my brother and just waiting to pounce on the crab meat that Aai used to sort and give us. And then as the years went by,... Continue Reading →


Chicken Kheema Pattice ! 

Kheema known as minced chicken/mutton is such a versatile ingredient. Sometimes it acts as the hero of the dish and sometimes the supporting one. It blends so well with some aromatic spices, various sauces and vegetables. Girap household loves kheema. We have it so often that sometimes we get bored with it. Seriously. Chicken or mutton kheema... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Banana Crisp !

I stumbled upon some crumble and crisp recipes and the one which caught my eye was the blueberry crisp. Crisp is a type of dessert, usually consisting of fruit, baked with some crispy topping. Hence the name crisp. I have a weakness for blueberries. Last week I made a healthy blueberry cake for my uncle's... Continue Reading →

Coconut Ladoo !

Lights in the neighbourhood and a sparkle in everybody's eyes. Yup. Festival of lights is here. Everyone in India has a special memory of Diwali. Be it shopping for new clothes, making lanterns, bursting firecrackers, drawing rangoli and spending time with family and friends. But the most favorite memory would be devouring those special Diwali faral.... Continue Reading →

Tisrya Sukha ( Dry Clams )

From the past one year or so, when ever I want to make a particular dish, I do some research by watching 9-10 recipe videos, plus some reading from cookbooks and sites for reference. I end up picking ingredients, tips and methods from these sources and bring all of them together to make my version... Continue Reading →

Salad with Chicken & Veggies !

One word which describes salads to perfection is versatility. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and voila! you have your own customize salad. A single salad is a blend of so many different textures, flavors and colors. It can be served as hot or cold. It can be prepared and... Continue Reading →

Prawns Pulao !

Prawn Pulao is an all time favourite rice dish in the Girap household. Couple of years back, my dad's diet changed due to some health reasons. Rice being dad's favourite, was eliminated first. Next thing we knew, we also stopped eating it. But some days, rice gives you so much comfort, whether it's just khichdi, varan-bhaat,... Continue Reading →

Ukadiche Modak !

      Next week is Ganesh Chaturthi, the celebration of Lord Ganesha's birth. It's one of the most awaited festival of India, especially in Maharashtra. It's a 10 day long celebration which ends in immersing our Ganapati Bappa in water. Many families bring Ganesh idol in their home, and worship him and offerings are... Continue Reading →

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