Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes !

  Over a period of time, I have realized that you don't need an occasion to bake any cakes. Having said that, I am always baking or experimenting different cakes or flavors, which has resulted in putting on some few kilos here and there. Sigh. Anyway, I end up sharing those cakes or cupcakes with... Continue Reading →

Bharlela Paplet (Stuffed Pomfret)

Pomfret originated from the Portuguese word "pampo". It's a sea water fish with a single bone and is found in Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. They have flat bodies and deeply forked tails. Pomfret is mostly eaten as a whole fish. Either it's fried, steamed or used in curries. Pomfret is very low in calories and... Continue Reading →

BEL19VE – Roger that !

"When you lose, the journey is endless. When you win, time just flies." This was the text sent by Robert Federer to his 32-year-old son after the Dubai Open in 2014. And I guess somewhere this quote completely defines Roger. I mean I was in school when he won his first grand slam in 2003.... Continue Reading →

The Cheat Pasta !

As an amateur cook and having such a great love for food, I am constantly learning about new ingredients, new recipes, varied combinations. When I first thought about sharing recipes, I thought why not share some information about the particular recipe or ingredient. And so every time before I write, I do a bit of... Continue Reading →

One Pot Mutton Curry !

For any meat lovers, eating mutton is like some other feeling which can't be described. Given a choice, they will always choose mutton over chicken. It's juicy, flavourful, tasty, melts in your mouth, etc. When I was a kid, I was never a fan of it. I don't know the reason for that. I used... Continue Reading →

Chicken Stir Fry with Flat Noodles !

This is one of my favourite dishes to make and eat. All the ingredients are available in your fridge, plus it can be prepared in about 15-20 minutes. This noodle dish is filled with protein, vegetables and with a simple taste to keep your tummy full. The original recipe belongs to Gordan Ramsay. I was... Continue Reading →

Vada Pav !

If you're visiting Mumbai, you can't leave without having Vada Pav. Vada Pav is the most lovable street food of Mumbai. There are around more than 40,000 stalls offering this iconic fast food. So why is it so famous? Vada Pav is one of the most essential part of Mumbai's food world. In the city... Continue Reading →

Kolambi Kalvan (Prawn Curry)

  Kolambi (as called in marathi) /prawns are one of those things which we are always waiting and wanting to eat. I go mad whenever I go to fish market and see all those different types of fish. I feel fish is everyone's weak point. In case of shell-fish, prawns and crabs are the one... Continue Reading →

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